Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello loveliesss.
Sorry I havn't been on in what seems like FOREVERRR.
I guess Ive been a little side tracked lately, or you could say a bit annoyed with myself. Reasons as such, WEIGHT GAIN. !
I feel like the biggest failure ever! not only am I at my highest weight i've ever been. But I also feel as if I've lost all self control.
Hmm.. I guess there's always time for improvement I'm just going to have to put in 150 % this time and stick with it !!
I hope you guys are striving through and aren't making the same mistakes as what I have been. Just remember there's never a better feeling then when you've lost weight, especially the cute compliments from people that come with losing weight!!

Stay strong. xx'o.


  1. well welcome back hun we all have our set backs u just gotta pick urself bad up and keep going

  2. don't worry being reall small isn't what's it cracked up to be, i weigh 100 and im almost 18, and i can't gain any more than that lol and i eat tons! i always wish i had a little extra uptop or in the middle, but we are who we are and that's what makes us different :)