Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sorry guys I havn't had much time to get on here lately. I have had to take a trip with my dad and younger brother and sister to catch up with some family. All we have been doing so far is driving. ! Which means alot of quick stops and takeaway, although I packed myself a few healthy choices the day we left and have not touched anything fatty yet. :)
It has been hard but Im doing so good. Well I think so anyway. Im even going for runs every night. !
I hope you guys are doing just aswell, and Good luck !! xx'oo.


  1. good girl!!! packing your own food is always the way to go :) I hope its a nice trip!

  2. awe im so proud of you :) thats awesome. keep it up and good job with the running! dont you feel amazing after you run? hope your having fun!

  3. Look after yourself, gorgeous!

  4. Yesssss ! I always feel great after a run and
    Thanks guys, I'm having alot of fun. Hard, but yes fun. hah. xx'o.

  5. yay for packing ur own food good idea hun