Monday, November 15, 2010


 Make silly rules, like you have to chew each bite 37 times or can’t eat before a certain time or after another one. Stick to them. It helps you gain control over food.
- Plan out your day. Make lists of things you're going to do, fill up your schedule. Being busy will dristract you from food.
- Sitting up straight and having good posture burns 10% more calories than when you slouch.
- Carry a picture for thinspiration everywhere you go.
- Get a string and wrap it around your waist cutting it so the ends meet nicely together, now take another string and cut it to what you want your waist to be. Carry the two strings w/ you. You can even be creative and make a bracelet (wrapping it around your wrist a few times of course, necklace, keychain, or something else out of it)
- When your parents aren't looking, feed your dogs part of your meal. Look at your meal in terms of dog food. Pretend its dog food. Yum. :/

Good luck, be strong! .
Jess, xx'oo.

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