Saturday, November 27, 2010

Starting fresh.

Holidays start today, although I found it hard to find something to wear out tonight. :/
I hate feeling this way like everyones pointing and laughing at me. Cant wait till the day I can wear anything and feel great about myself. Looking forward to it. I just cant give up !
Im starting over fresh tomorrow. Back to the diet and exercise routine. Funn. :/ Narr it's all worth it.
I Just found out also Im going away. In only four weeks to a place (surrounded by beach) which means Im going to have to wear a BIKINI, and go SWIMMING.
Got to push myself hard these four weeks then to get bikini  ready. Wish me luck. :))

Stay strong. !


  1. girl you can do it, 4 weeks gives you a lot of time to do so much good work!